About Us

Welcome to Asperger Connect.

This is an extension to our Facebook page. Asperger/Autism is becoming more widely recognised but parents still struggle  with the day to day living with, and how to manage, their childrens behaviour. It is wonderful to find others who are going through the same struggles. Often you feel alone and that there is so much wrong. Hopefully this can bring a glimmer of hope to an otherwise dark and lonely place, where is seems that the world watching and judging.

We are based on the Sunshine Coast in Qld Australia. We will be adding lots of great links and resource information (a lot of Aussie resources). We have set this blog up to compliment our Facebook page.

Please be aware that this group is NOT a professional site, and does not offer expert or qualified services. We are fellow peers that offer encouraging, listening and sharing stories, and in no way, substitutes for professional mental health care. I would like to encourage you to keep sharing and listening as this group is invaluable in what it offers and you are all so brave for sharing and supporting each other. I just want you all to understand the advice you are receiving from each other is only advice, and that it is up to each individual to seek professional assistance if the need arises and that I as administrator cannot check all postings and some may in fact be incorrect, inaccurate or misleading.



Sunshine Coast ASD Support Group (Autism Spectrum Disorder) -
Please come and join us.
Time: 10:00 am
When: Last Wednesday of every month
Where: Waterfront Hotel Bli Bli